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Hi, I'm Tom Sheldon. For the past few years I've been activly involved with Theatre, on and off the stage, working with companys in and around the North West and more recently Nottingham. I graduated from Clarendon Academy of Performing Arts with a Degree in Theatre Arts [Validated by Nottingham Trent University] at a Distinction level. I have also acted in the odd film, being an extra in SoulBoy, and featured in a Mental Health awareness film for the NHS (Junction 15 Productions). In addition I have recieved training with BOOM! a film production course run by MTV and Clubsforyoungpeople. Check out my Portfolio and CV for more.

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What Services I Offer
Production Skills
  • Director/Producer
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Still Photography
Production Work
Tech' Theatre Skills
  • Compitant Theatre Technician
  • Stage/Production Management
  • Promotional Designer
  • Operations Team
Theatre Work