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Gripton Family History and Genealogy Website

The UK Gripton Association, provides a central focus point for everyone researching their Gripton ancestors.

Our aim is to develop and expand our knowledge of the wider Gripton family and to share information collected in our research of various Gripton, Gripten and Griptan lines and Family Trees.

The UK Gripton Association was formed in 2005.

After several years of dialogue between David Bate and Neale Sheldon the idea of having a website alongside a Gripton Forum was born.

Griptons helping Griptons via the internet, so to speak.

Over a number of years a fair ammount of Gripton data in the form of birth, marriage and death records has been collected, the long, hard task of inputting thousands of individual records into a database has begun.

This website lists some of the resources available to help with family history research and links to various Gripton websites and message boards.

Contact us and find out if your Gripton ancestors have already been documented in one of our Gripton families. And, if they aren't in our database, we'll work with you to find a connection.

We have traced a number of Gripton lines back to 1800, which include Gripton families that emigrated to Canada and Australia.

Now you are here, don't delay, start your research today.

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