How to research your Sheldon Family History and make a Sheldon Family Tree

Here's How:

  1. Gather together everything you have... papers, photos, documents and family heirlooms. Rummage through your attic or basement, the filing cabinet, the back of the garage or shed.... Then check with your relatives to see if they have any family documents they are willing to share. Clues to your family history might be found on the backs of old photographs, in the family bible, or even on a postcard. If your relative is uneasy with lending an original, offer to have copies made.

  2. Now you have made a start by collecting family records, the next step is to interview relatives. Start with Mum and Dad and then move on from there. Try to collect stories, not just names and dates, and be sure to ask open-ended questions. Interviews may make you nervous, but this is probably the most important step in researching your family history. Don't put it off until it's too late!

  3. Write down everything you have learned from your family and begin to enter the information into a Family Tree Computer program. There are many different ones to choose from, the most popular is Family Tree Maker 2010 .

  4. Now you will probabally have info on at least the 4 surnames of your grandparents, try to keep your research into each surname seperate.

  5. Explore the Internet for information and leads on your ancestors.
    A good starting place is by joining Genes ReUnited. Genes
    You may find a distant relative has already done some research and is willing to share the info with you. Just don't expect to find your entire family tree in one place! logo is another popular resource to search for info and to post your family tree details.

  6. Try a popular Family Tree Magazine such as Your Family Tree
    which gives good advice, keeps you up to date with the latest news and technology, not to mention a free cd every issue

  7. Sheldon Message Boards and Forums, try posting a message for info on that hard to find ancestor.
    Try to structure your message title e.g
    Sam Sheldon b1870 Birmingham, England.


  1. Try to keep to a budget, don't spend too much money at once and join or subscribe to several websites! Take your time.

  2. Keep copies of everything you find in your search. It may not seem important now, but it probably will be in the future.

  3. Make sure that you keep in mind possible alternate spellings of your surname such as Shelden, Shaldon etc, as you are researching. Believe it or not back in the 1800's people such as the local Vicar or Registrar wrote down what they heard!

  4. Don't believe everything you are told, you must try and PROVE facts each generation you go back or you could find yourself tracing the wrong branch of a tree

Contact us and find out if your Sheldon ancestors have already been documented in one of our Sheldon families. And, if they aren't in our database, we'll work with you to find a connection.

Now you are here, don't delay, start your research today.

Contact Neale Sheldon - Enquiries, Research help ,Webmaster

Try to give us as much info as possible, e.g.
You Sheldon born 19xx, area Your Town, Your County.
Dad Sheldon born 19xx area, married Mum (Maiden name)
Grand Parents names, dates, areas etc.
Don't worry too much about exact years if you don't know them, just try to narrow the year down.

If you already have some research, it would help if you could send us a Gedcom file or any type of Family Tree file.


If you are under 16 yrs of age we would suggest you tell a parent that you are asking us for info.

Please be aware that Birth, Marriage and Death data is publically available and indexes are freely available online for anyone to look at, so there isn't as much privicy as you might think.

Most people should be able to trace their tree back to around 1800-1850 and we hold a fair ammount of data from 1840-2005. Pre 1800 data is harder to prove, nevertheless, we do hold some pre 1800 info.

Tony Digging Your Ancestors